Pattern Designer

Has been structure to respond today’s challenges in the industry :

  • Lack of communication between  departments
  • Traceability
  • Reduce human error
  • Manual interventions

But also, to respond to foreseeing when :

  • Automate the product configuration for customized garments
  • Reduced time for knowledgesharing

Photo Digitizer

Digitized ⇒ Convert cardboard or paper patterns to digital format

Auto Recognition

  • The Pattern can be converted very quickly to an electronic format
  • Gemini Photo Digitizer can automatically detect the piece contours
  • It can also automatically detect notches, internal points and internal axes

Control And Edit You can edit the Piece properties and the properties of selected element (point, segment, internal line, internal point)

Save Time

  • Automatically capture pictures with your physical pattern
  • Images get processed fast and accurate
  • Pattern extracted in just few seconds

Quick And Easy Inspect the result of the automatic digitizer

No Limitation Save the pattern directly in the native format of your CAD system

Nest Expert

Optimize With NestExpert ⇒ Optimizes the nesting of cut  parts into the material surface, obeying various restrictions and nesting rules

Generate Production  Generates the optimized machine file output for single-ply, multi-ply, laser, knife, ultrasonics or waterjet cutters, plotters and textile printer

Integrate With Other Solutions ⇒ Can be used together with Gemini PatternDESIGNER, integrated with Gemini CutPLANNER, or with any other CAD application which can export shapes for nesting

Cut Planner

» Automatic and Manual lay definition

» Automatic order optimization

» Cutting room order report

» Export for plotters, cutters

» Export for other CAD systems

» Integration ERP systems using OTX open format